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Past Clinicians and Play Lists

Past Clinicians and Play Lists
[since 1994]

2020 – Rodney Dorsey

La Procession du Rocio, Opus 9/Turina/Reed

2019 – Craig Kirchhoff

Mother Earth Fanfare/Maslanka
First Suite in Eb for Military Band Op. 28/Holst
Apollo Unleashed from Symphony No. 2/Ticheli

2018 – Emily Threinen

Variations on “America”/Ives/Schuman/Rhoads
Lincolnshire Posy/Grainger/Fennell

2017 – Richard Clary

Homage to Perotin [from the Medieval Suite]/Nelson
Carmina Burana/Orff-Krance
[movements 1-7, 9, 12-13]

2016 – Jerry Junkin

Wine-Dark Sea/Mackey

2015 – Allan McMurray

Lord of the Rings “Gandalf”/De Meij
O Magnum Mysterium/Laurisden-Reynolds
Angels in the Architecture/Ticheli

2014 – Lowell Graham

Olympic Fanfare/Williams
American Hymn/Schuman
The Duke of Cambridge March/Arnold
To Tame the Perilous Skies/Holsinger

2013 – John Whitwell

American Salute/Gould-Lang
Fantasia in G Minor/Bach-Goldman
Blue Shades/Ticheli
National Emblen/Bagley/Fennell

2012 – Gary Green

Lux Aurumque/Whitacre
Give Us This Day/Maslanka

2011 – Ray Cramer

Celebration Fanfare/Walczyk
Armenian Dances Part One/Reed
Hymn of Brotherhood/Gronigen
Second Suite in F/Holst
Italian Rhapsody/Giroux
National Game/Sousa

2010 – Craig Kirchhoff

My Jesus! Oh, What Anguish/Bach/Reed
Children’s March/Grainger/Rogers
Amazing Grace/Himes
Armenian Folksong and Dance/Khachaturian/McAlister
Don Ricardo/Musella

2009 – Ralph Hultgren

Molly on the Shore/Grainger
Suite in E Flat/Holst
In Stillness/Hogg
White Noise – World Premiere/Hultgren

2008 – Paula Crider

Trumpet Gloria/Grantham
William Byrd Suite/Jacob
Pacem: a Hymn for Peace/Spittal
Three Dances of Enchantment/Zaninelli
Strange Humors/Mackey

2007 – Laszlo Marosi

Save the Sea/Hidas

2006 – Ronnie Wooten

Der Traum des Oenghus/Rudin
Cantus Laetus/Gillingham
George Washington Bicentennial March/Sousa

2005 – Frank Wickes

Whirr, Whirr, Whirr/Hultgren
Toccata, Adagio and Fugue/Bach
Fiesta Del Pacifico/Nixon
Sabres and Spurs/Sousa

2004 – Tom Lee

Damnation of Faust [Rakoczy March]/Belioz
When Jesus Wept/Schuman
The Alcotts/Ives
Finale [from the Romantic Symphony]/Hanson
March [from the Symphonic Metamorphosis]/Hindemith

2003 – James Curnow

Black Granite [Symphonic March]/Hosay
Four Scottish Dances/Arnold
None But The Lonely Heart/Tchaikovsky
Praetorius Variations/Curnow

2002 – James Croft

Circus Overture/Schuman
Andante and Rondo/Dohnanyi
Yiddish Dances/Gorb
Paris Sketches/Ellerby
His Excellency/Fillmore

2001 – David Stanhope

Olympic Fireworks/Stanhope
Second Suite in F/Holst
Little Ripper March/Stanhope

2000 – Allan McMurray

Chester Overture/Schuman
Blue Shades/Ticheli

1999 – Felix Hauswirth

Ragtimes & Habaneras /Henze
Al Fresco/Husa
“Le Premier Jour”/Balissat

1998 – H. Robert Reynolds

Prelude in E Flat Minor/Shostakovich/Reynolds
Lincolnshire Posy/Grainger/Fennell
Der Traum des Oenghus/Rudin
First Suite in E Flat/Holst/Mathews

1997 – Jerry Junkin

Joyeuse Marche/Chabrier/Junkin
Four Scottish Dances/Arnold/Paynter
Salvation is Created/Tscesnokoff/Housenecht
“Finale” from Sym No. 2/Maslanka

1996 – Karel Husa

Smetana Fanfare/Husa
“Ballet” from Petite Suite/Debussy/Boyd
Apotheosis of this Earth/Husa

1995 – Ray Cramer

Suite Francaise/Milhaud
Fantasy on “Sakura, Sakura”/Cramer
The Pathfinder of Panama/Sousa

1994 – Paula Crider

Resonances I/Nelson
A Walk in Jurassic Park/Melillo
English Dances, Set II/Arnold/Sudduth
Semper Fidelis/Sousa

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