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Congratulations and Thanks

Congratulations and Thanks to all who were involved with the  2016 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band Experience. Congratulations to the fine students selected to participate who well-represented their colleges/universities. BIG THANKS to Professor Jerry Junkin for providing musical experiences for all that shall not soon be forgotten. Special Thanks to Dr. Mark Lynn who faithfully served as the KIB Coordinator these past two years. Ongoing Thanks to Dr. Fred Speck, Dr. Amy Acklin and everyone at the University of Louisville for your incredible support and assistance. See you next year.

2016 KIB in Rehearsal


2016 KIB Schedule Change

Very soon, we shall see everyone in Louisville for the 2016 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band experience. There have been a few rehearsal schedule changes – and you may find these revisions under the 2016 KIB tab. We look forward to a few days of experiences which prove to be musically rewarding and personally enjoyable. Safe Travels.


2016 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band

2016 Kibbie Logo

2016 KIB – Complete Schedule and Information

Dr. Mark Lynn, 2016 KIB Coordinator, has sent the complete schedule and information packet [plus parking passes] for the 2016 KIB. You may find these materials under the 2016 KIB tab. We look forward to seeing everyone in Louisville very soon.

2016 KIB Personnel – Final – Version II

On December 31, 2015, Dr. Mark Lynn, 2016 KIB Coordinator shared the updated and final version of the personnel for the coming 2016 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band. It may be found under the tab – 2016 KIB – 2016 KIB Personnel. I/We look forward to seeing everyone in about a month in Louisville. Be Well.

2016 KIB Personnel

On December 8, Dr. Mark Lynn, Coordinator of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Band, announced the membership for the 2016 KIB. The complete roster may be found under “2016 Information”. Colleges and universities from across Kentucky will be represented. Congratulations to all. The 2016 Clinician, Jerry Junkin, will be rehearsing and conducting Wine-Dark Sea: Symphony for Band by John Mackey (2014) with this extraordinary ensemble.